For years, security experts have warned governments that national ID schemes, ID Data stockpiles and other systems that harvest and store large volumes of sensitive personal information are high risk targets that can and will become the object of criminal desire.

Israel has learnt about this the the hard way.

In a classic demonstration of just how bad the “Insider Threat” is a contract worker in Israel’s Welfare Ministry has stolen the entire database of the Israels equivalent program to the US Visit system containing the records of 9 million Israelis both living and deceased.

The contract worker it seems moonlighted as a low level white colar criminal dabbling in things like Identity Theft. He went on to distribute the database to 6 contacts in the Israeli underground, one of whom uploaded the entire database to “Bit Torrent” filesharing sites under the name “Agron 2006”.

Google searches for this torrent show that it is now widely distributed with numerous clone torrents offering the database to anyone that cares to download it.

I hate to say I told you so… but…..

Hopefully other governments are watching and learning from Israel’s predicament.


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About Marc Rogers

Marc has been a hacker since the 80's and has worked in the security industry for almost 20 years. Some of Marc's professional highlights include a decade managing security in the operator Vodafone plc, and 5 years as working as the CSO for a real estate and asset management conglomerate in South Korea. Known as "Cyberjunky", "Cjunky" or just "CJ" in the hacker community Marc is the Head of Security and part of the CFP review board for DEF CON, the worlds largest hacker conference. After spending more than 15 years wrangling hackers, criminals and spooks Marc has seen it all. Sometimes several times at once. Professionally Marc uses his skills as a whitehat hacker and security evangelist to bring a positive outlook on security to today's global organizations. It's this outlook that Marc used when he helped put together the award winning BBC series "The Real Hustle". Today Marc works as the Principal Security Researcher for Lookout Mobile Security.