Members of the controversial Westboro Baptist church better known for their extremely distasteful campaign against homosexuality though the picketing the funerals of US servicemen killed in action have announced that they will be targeting the funeral of Steve Jobs. The group, best known for their rainbow “God hates fags” signs and web page, are claiming the […]

Tensions between South and North Korea are always high with each side striving to gain the upper hand in some way and the constant threat of incursion by one side or the other hangs over the peninsular – As a result the mountains of Seoul are covered with both manned and unmanned defensive positons. One radical new […]

The Dutch Music and Film industry organisation “Stichting Brein” has won a landmark case against usenet provider Lawyers for Stichting Brein successfully argued that even though is only providing access to material uploaded elsewhere, because it is available on their servers they are responsible for policing it. As a result, has to […]

The name “Steve Jobs” evokes a passionate response from many people, myself included. No matter what your feelings are however, there is little doubt that the world has lost a true visionary. Steve Jobs shaped Apple as we know it today and under his guidance they created some of the most iconic technology products of […]

For some time now we have been predicting that the next evolution in smartphone malware will be for this type of malware to move closer to parity with traditional desktop malware. This has now been confirmed by Trend Micro who have found a varient of Malware – ANDROIDOS_ANDROIDSERVERBOT.A apparently originating from China that masquerades as […]

Facebook has brought in third party web security firm Websense to “clean up” the malware links and other nasties that are plaguing the site. About time too….

Only 1 in 5 organisations achieved a satisfactory level of compliance against the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).