About this Blog

marcrogers_by_eddietheyetiMarc has been a hacker since the 80’s and has worked in the security industry for almost 20 years. Some of Marc’s professional highlights include a decade managing security in the operator Vodafone plc, and 5 years as working as the CSO for a real estate and asset management conglomerate in South Korea.

Known as “Cyberjunky”, “Cjunky” or just “CJ” in the hacker community Marc is the Head of Security and part of the CFP review board for DEF CON, the worlds largest hacker conference.  After spending more than 15 years wrangling hackers, criminals and spooks Marc has seen it all. Sometimes several times at once. A proud SVC card holder Marc can often be seen speaking at security conferences in random exotic locations.

In his professional life Marc uses his skills as a whitehat hacker and security evangelist to develop a positive attitude towards security in today’s global enterprises. It’s this outlook that Marc used when he helped put together the award winning BBC series “The Real Hustle”. Today Marc works as the Principal Security Researcher for CloudFlare.

This blog represents a random collection of infosec news articles of interest and Marc’s thoughts on those articles and other things happening in infosec. These are Marc’s personal views – they do not reflect the views of his employer.

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